The Library

Manuscript Section

About 25,000 old manuscripts on paper are preserved here. This treasure has been acquired from various Bhandaras including those brought over from Pakistan with the inspiration and guidance of Rev. Late Acharya Vijay Vallabhsuriji Maharaj. These manuscripts are related to Jaina Agamas, Literature, Grammar, Vedic Literature, Philosophy, Logic, Ayurveda, Astrology, Astronomy, Art, Architecture, Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries. These manuscripts are written in Sanskrit, Prakrit, Pali, Ardhamagadhi, Maru-Gurjar, Rajasthani, Old Hindi and Gujarati languages. This valuable collection of manuscripts is well stored, preserved and catalogued. Some of the manuscripts are rare and exquisitely illustrated. Some illustrated manuscripts are displayed in the Museum.

The information of these manuscripts is catalogued under the auspices of National Archives of India (Govt. of India) and can be viewed on the official website of National Informatics Centre, New Delhi viz.

Now BLII is planning to publish the catalogue of these manuscripts in phases.