About Us

Bhogilal Leherchand Institute of Indology

The Bhogilal Leherchand Institute of Indology, a premier Institution of International repute, was first started at Patan (North Gujarat) in the year 1980, through the funds provided by the family trust of Bhogilal Family to sponsor and promote research in Jainology/Indology and other aspects of Indian culture.

The setting up of the Institute was inspired by Late Rev. Sri Vijay Vallabhsuriji, who laid emphasis on education as the only means to dispel the darkness of ignorance from the mind of the people. Later on, in 1984 at the inspiration of Rev. Sadhvi Sri Mrigawatiji, the Institute was shifted to Delhi with the active support of Sri Atma Vallabh Jain Smarak Shikshan Nidhi. Since then the Institute as a unique centre of excellence for Jainological and allied subjects in Indology, is working in the complex of the SMARAK.

Aims and objectives:

The academic program of the Institute is to initiate, organize and give a fill-up to research in Indological subjects in general and Jainological projects in particular. This is a fast-changing world. The scope and field of study and research has enlarged beyond imagination. Topics like comparative religion, Yoga and Spiritualism, Vegetarianism, preservation and protection of environment, interfaith studies and research on the essential unity of all religious communities, non-possession and sustainable growth vs. consumerism and environmental degradation have acquired popularity in the famous Universities of the West. Studies on these topics are gaining ground in Indian Universities as well. Jainology, Manuscrip- tology, Indian philosophy and culture are subjects that have enjoyed respect among the intellectuals for ages

Prakrit Language and Literature

They occupy a place equal to none in the area of understanding the development of regional and state languages of the country through the ages. The study of Prakrit language is important to understand Vedic and Sanskrit literature. The use of Prakrit language in Sanskrit drama and poetry exhibits the growth of culture of the common people of India. Prakrit is the undisputed and undeniable proof of the unity and integrity of this nation.

Hence, the BLII aims at taking up special studies in the following interdisciplinary areas:

  1. Prakrit language and literature
  2. Religion and philosophy of the Jain community
  3. Manuscriptology, research methodology and epigraphy
  4. Indian culture
  5. Comparative religion
  6. Non-violence, conflict, resolution and peace
  7. Yoga, Spiritualism and Vegetarianism
  8. Non-possession and sustainable growth vs consumerism and environmental degradation
  9. Elements of essential unity among world religions
  10. Spiritualism as a universal religion
  11. Comparative studies in religion, science and philosophy.

The Institute aims to enter into areas of intellectual quest, which have not so far been fully exploited. Jainism stands for the unity and equality of life. This truth has now been accepted by almost of all religions and intellectuals with a scientific temperament. Hence, the idea of a synthesis between religion and science should be inculcated in the young minds.

Other Activities

– Works on Projects sponsored by Government / Semi-government / Non-government organizations.
– The BLII faculties teach, guide and make available the references and books to the students, researchers and the Jain monks-nuns who come to Vallabh Smarak for their studies.
– BLII extends all possible facilities to the Scholars from India and abroad, Jain Monks and knowledge seekers for their studies and research in the field of Indology. Editing old Texts of Sanskrit, Prakrit, Ardha-magadhi, Apabhramsha and Pali languages.
– Organizing Summer Schools since 1989:
Bhogilal Leherchand Institute of Indology – Summer SchoolA three week-long summer school is being organized under the kind supervision and guidance of Dr. Satya Ranjan Banarjee, every year on Prakrit Language and Literature, Jain Religion and Philosophy, Manuscriptology, Research Methodology and Epigraphy etc. This year we have organized 18th National Summer School on Prakrit Language, Literature & Manuscriptology.
– Long term projects and advancement of Research: Research projects based on Prakrit literature, religion, philosophy, epigraphy and other areas of related Jainological studies are being pursued consistently. Similarly, work on sciences in Prakrit literature will be taken up on a priority basis.

Fellowships will be offered to scholars in Indian Universities for research on Prakrit texts, comparative religion, Prakrit language, Jain Art and Architecture, Epigraphy, Iconography, and studies of contemporary society, with special emphasis on a critical study of Prakrit Language and Literature and varied fields of Indology. Intensive instruction will be provided to students with a view to their absorption in various universities, college and government institutions.

Besides, the BLII has a very ambitious research, editing and translation program for the publications of all ancient Prakrit canonical works, important commentaries, classics in Sanskrit or Prakrit and Sanskrit mixed style, other literary works and books of historical importance, in English and Hindi translations with the original texts edited according to the modern scientific and critical methods with the collaboration of scholars in India and abroad.

Through this extensive program of research and publication, a new team of dedicated scholars of Indology will be trained to come forward in the world of academics.