Prakrit Language and Literature

They occupy a place equal to none in the area of understanding the development of regional and state languages of the country through the ages. The study of Prakrit language is important to understand Vedic and Sanskrit literature. The use of Prakrit language in Sanskrit drama and poetry exhibits the growth of culture of the common people of India. Prakrit is the undisputed and undeniable proof of the unity and integrity of this nation.

Hence, the BLII aims at taking up special studies in the following interdisciplinary areas:

1. Prakrit language and literature
2. Religion and philosophy of the Jain community
3. Manuscriptology, research methodology and epigraphy
4. Indian culture
5. Comparative religion
6. Non-violence, conflict, resolution and peace
7. Yoga, Spiritualism and Vegetarianism
8. Non-possession and sustainable growth vs consumerism and environmental degradation
9. Elements of essential unity among world religions
10. Spiritualism as a universal religion
11. Comparative studies in religion, science and philosophy.

The Institute aims to enter into areas of intellectual quest, which have not so far been fully exploited. Jainism stands for the unity and equality of life. This truth has now been accepted by almost of all religions and intellectuals with a scientific temperament. Hence, the idea of a synthesis between religion and science should be inculcated in the young minds.